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JS International Corp. has been the leading supplier of mechanical moving parts for cooling towers and air coolers for the Korean market since 1991.

Our customers includes major cooling tower manufacturers in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and other countries in Asia. Our service starts from providing the thermal design best suited to the given application to the total solution on all moving components required.

We represent and distribute the world's most reliable products listed under our product pages.


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Cooling Tower Basics, Amarillo Data, Hudson Fans Data, Moore Fans Data, and Murphy Data

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Amarillo Gear, Hudson Fans, Moore Fans, Amarillo Driveshaft, Addax Driveshaft, Vibration Switch, and MRL Cooling Tower Software

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Cooling Tower Basics

Cooling Tower Basics, Troubleshooting, Energy Saving and etc

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Amarillo Data

Manuals, Repair Manuals, Painting, Test Procedure, Vibration Plate Drawing, BackStop and etc

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Hudson Fans Data

Fan Assembly and Installation Instructions, Balance Standards and etc

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Moore Fans Data

Manual, Certificate Chemical Composition/Mechanical Properties, VT TOP Installation and etc

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Murphy Data

VS Series Instalation Manual, VS-94 Sales Bulletin and VS-Series Catalog

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  • Hudson Fans
  • Moore Fans
  • Amarillo Gear
  • Amarillo Driveshaft
  • Addax Driveshaft
  • Vibration Switch
  • MRL Cooling Tower Software









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